How to take your profit first

How to Take Your Profit First

Have you ever read a business book that rocked your world?

I never recall it happening to me before.

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Profit First –
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How to use Google Calendar

How to use google calendar to help your quality of life

Have you ever heard a well-balanced, successful business-person say, “I never use a calendar! I can remember it all!”

That, my friends, is a unicorn.

It’s like the saying, “Do you want it fast, cheap, or right? Pick two.” Without a plan, something will suffer.

Enter Google Calendar – it’s not just for birthdays and appointments!
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Do you need a social media policy?

Social Media Policy – Why Do You Really Need One?

How important is it to have a social media policy in place? Do you really NEED one?

If you will be using an In-House Assistant, or even a Virtual Assistant, it is imperative that you have in place a written Social Media policy from the outset so there is no misunderstanding as far as posting and managing your social media accounts.

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Why I quit Facebook and found my sanity

Why I Quit Facebook and Found My Sanity



Yes, I did it.

Want to know why I quit Facebook?

Want to know HOW I was able to do it, improve my life, and STILL use Facebook for business?


You were all there.

It was the fall and winter of 2016-2017.

When the whole darn world lost it’s freaking mind and lost their freaking manners.

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Organize your database quickly and easily


Organize Your Database Quickly and Easily


A few days ago, I read a statistic that said, “Only 25% of clients list with an agent they have used before.”

That means that 75% of your clients are slipping through the cracks.


Why? Probably the mess of a database you have.

Your database is the most important asset your business has –

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What is hyperlocal and why do I need it? Real estate agents need to read this NOW!

What is Hyperlocal and Why Do I Need It For My Blog?

When I advise real estate agents about hyperlocal blogging, I always get asked, “What is hyperlocal and why do I need it? 

Read Along for our TWO-pronged strategy to position yourself as the local expert!

Hyperlocal: relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or geographical area.

It seems that everything old becomes new again.

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