Notifications in Google Calendar

Notifications in Google Calendar Keep You on Track!

Have you ever paid a bill late? Ever missed an appointment?

No worries. You’re human.

Even worse is going to your calendar and seeing it written there, plain as day. 

That sucks.

Many of us use electronic calendars these days. Of course, they only work when you open up the app and actually LOOK at them.

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How to use Google Calendar

How to use google calendar to help your quality of life

Have you ever heard a well-balanced, successful business-person say, “I never use a calendar! I can remember it all!”

That, my friends, is a unicorn.

It’s like the saying, “Do you want it fast, cheap, or right? Pick two.” Without a plan, something will suffer.

Enter Google Calendar – it’s not just for birthdays and appointments!
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Remove Facebook's Trending and News Feed

How to Remove Facebook’s Trending and News Feed

Is Facebook distracting you from your work? Are you falling down the rabbit hole and accomplishing NOTHING? I have an EASY fix to show you How to Remove Facebooks Trending and News Feed while keeping your lists and groups intact!

If you take a gander over at my post Why I Quit Facebook and Saved My Sanity you’ll get the backstory of why and how I stopped using my personal profile,

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How to Segment your Facebook Friends list - make it easier to get through Facebook and see what YOU want to see!

How to Segment Your Facebook Friends By Relationship

I’m sure you know that Facebook can be a complete time suck so I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You can get SO much time back in your day JUST by learning to segment your Facebook friends by relationship.

Why would you even want to segment your Facebook friends list?

If you read my recent post  “

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Why I quit Facebook and found my sanity

Why I Quit Facebook and Found My Sanity



Yes, I did it.

Want to know why I quit Facebook?

Want to know HOW I was able to do it, improve my life, and STILL use Facebook for business?


You were all there.

It was the fall and winter of 2016-2017.

When the whole darn world lost it’s freaking mind and lost their freaking manners.

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Organize your database quickly and easily


Organize Your Database Quickly and Easily


A few days ago, I read a statistic that said, “Only 25% of clients list with an agent they have used before.”

That means that 75% of your clients are slipping through the cracks.


Why? Probably the mess of a database you have.

Your database is the most important asset your business has –

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