How to Create a Brand Page on Google

How to Create a Brand Page on Google +

Google+  gets a bad rap. The rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

It’s been counted out more times than I can recall. It’s been close to life support a time or two but it has the power of Google behind it. That’s always puzzled me since Google and all its products and acquisitions are the 700 lb gorilla in the room.

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Duplicate Friend request

How to Protect Your Friends List and Flush Out Scammers

When was the last time you got a duplicate friend request from someone who is already your friend? Did you think, “This is a duplicate friend request and I should beware?


Then you’re the only one on the planet.

I get duplicate friend requests all the time. I notify my friend and also tell them,

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Do you need a social media policy?

Social Media Policy – Why Do You Really Need One?

How important is it to have a social media policy in place? Do you really NEED one?

If you will be using an In-House Assistant, or even a Virtual Assistant, it is imperative that you have in place a written Social Media policy from the outset so there is no misunderstanding as far as posting and managing your social media accounts.

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Remove Facebook's Trending and News Feed

How to Remove Facebook’s Trending and News Feed

Is Facebook distracting you from your work? Are you falling down the rabbit hole and accomplishing NOTHING? I have an EASY fix to show you How to Remove Facebooks Trending and News Feed while keeping your lists and groups intact!

If you take a gander over at my post Why I Quit Facebook and Saved My Sanity you’ll get the backstory of why and how I stopped using my personal profile,

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How to Segment your Facebook Friends list - make it easier to get through Facebook and see what YOU want to see!

How to Segment Your Facebook Friends By Relationship

I’m sure you know that Facebook can be a complete time suck so I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You can get SO much time back in your day JUST by learning to segment your Facebook friends by relationship.

Why would you even want to segment your Facebook friends list?

If you read my recent post  “

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Why I quit Facebook and found my sanity

Why I Quit Facebook and Found My Sanity



Yes, I did it.

Want to know why I quit Facebook?

Want to know HOW I was able to do it, improve my life, and STILL use Facebook for business?


You were all there.

It was the fall and winter of 2016-2017.

When the whole darn world lost it’s freaking mind and lost their freaking manners.

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What is hyperlocal and why do I need it? Real estate agents need to read this NOW!

What is Hyperlocal and Why Do I Need It For My Blog?

When I advise real estate agents about hyperlocal blogging, I always get asked, “What is hyperlocal and why do I need it? 

Read Along for our TWO-pronged strategy to position yourself as the local expert!

Hyperlocal: relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or geographical area.

It seems that everything old becomes new again.

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