Who in the world is The Rainwoman?!


Who in the world is The Rainwoman?!

You may be wondering who I am and why I’m writing all of this – I’m Becky Fisher – The RainWoman. I got the nickname back in the 80’s because I had a great memory and was able to remember issues pertaining to real estate title research years after I had worked on a report.

I started working in real estate with real estate agents, attorneys, title companies, and banks back in 1984 – the Dark Ages! Since then, I’ve spent 20 years owning a title abstract company, a few as a title research freelancer, a few on the payroll for attorneys and title companies, a few in the Timeshare real estate industry for Disney, and even a few as an actual real estate agent. I even retired once! That lasted for three months. After my granddaughter was born, I knew I wanted to be close to home so I became an independent contractor helping agents with their social media as well as various other tasks.

I kept hearing many of the same social media questions over and over, and hearing many say they felt like social media in their business just wasn’t feasible because of the learning curves and constant changes with each platform, the total confusion about how to build a community, and – unbelievably – some who still think social selling is just a fad! Most are seeing the paradigm shift in the way real estate business is conducted and leads are generated and worrying about what’s next for them.

The majority of my clients were over 45. In fact, most were Baby Boomers. They had business concerns plus a whole new set of concerns on top of GCI, listings, and showings:

  • Retirement
  • Money
  • Empty nest
  • Grandkids
  • Just plain tired!

I completely get it. Those things kept me up at night too.

Coupled with the challenges of getting older, they also had concerns about their businesses. They were feeling like the swift advances in technology were leaving them – and their business – behind! There was no way they could keep up. Now, these were agents who have been around 20 – 30 years. They were watching more tech savvy agents crushing it and felt like they were just plodding along, making more meager money, while these Rockstar Rainmakers were getting great sales. Many were feeling like they missed the boat. Some talked about just giving up.

To assist them, I researched and compiled a month of content at a time for them. This increased their work productivity because they didn’t go down the social media rabbit hole while they needed to be doing money tasks and it didn’t take away from family time.

I’ll not kid you: the research time to find valuable articles to share takes several large blocks of time. Then, when I scheduled the content for them, I found it took me about 2 hours to bare-bones schedule for the month. This included using Facebook’s native scheduler for several posts per day as well as several tweets per day. I could save them several hours PER WEEK and, by planning the content from others that we’d like to share, my agents could have more time freedom, more personal freedom, and more productive days!

They loved it! We succeeded in in our goal to create a SYSTEM for them – because that’s what a SYSTEM means – Save You Some Time, Energy & Money.

Our goal with The Bucket’s List is to do exactly that. Wouldn’t you like to get back several hours every week?


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